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How the Internet Works for Kids: The internet explained with easy examples

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“Children ask about technology and the internet, and it’s hard to explain… it’s so abstract. Sometimes, we don’t even know how some things work, but having this book, we can get all the answers in a simple and fun way for the kids” – Marie Lasalle, Children Educator

“My children go crazy with this book. It explains technology in such an easy way. My mother is also learning from this book. It’s like a children – grand parents learning book about all the tech stuff around us” – Christy Armstrong, Vlogger and Youtuber.

‘Mom, what’s the Internet?’

Imagine yourself doing your monthly household budget one evening when your four-year-old daughter suddenly walks in asking you that. At that moment, you’re busy trying to figure out why you’ve had more credits than debits on your balance sheet. You felt that your brain is about to short-circuit. And it’s past bedtime.

Your grandma calls you because she wants to learn how to use the Internet. You explain that it’s not easy to teach that over the phone. It has to wait until you come over for Thanksgiving. She vehemently insists. You ask why. She tells you that she’s heard about Tinder. And she wants her own account. Now.

As you can imagine, explaining what social media is to a child or to a senior can, in itself, be challenging. How much more if you’re asked to explain the Internet as a whole? Through this eBook, you’ll encounter tons of metaphors that can help you do exactly that.

From the seemingly out-of-this-world concept of the cloud, to how letter gets delivered without paper, to how a person’s face ends up on a computer monitor, this eBook will showcase examples as models for explanation for the innocent young ones to the tenured baby boomer and Gen Xers.

In the end, you’ll realize that while you’re aware of the technological gap that exists between generations, you won’t really feel how significant that is until you’re faced in a situation where you have to explain things to the unknowing.

Now, please take note that not all of the discussions and examples offered in this eBook may be suitable for a child or a senior. Learning is still subjective and contextual so there may be times that you will be required to be creative.

What this eBook intends to do is to just show you some metaphorical examples of how to answer those simple questions that are tough to answer if your audience is not technologically savvy like you.

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