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Hello! My name is Fernando and I currently live in sunny South Florida. I was born and raised in Brazil, but I am also Portuguese and American. I am an electronic engineer. Actually, I am also an industrial and electrical engineer. And I have a MBA.


I am divided into 2 passions. The first side is related to America – business, innovation and entrepreneurship. The other side is related to Europe – I love the lifestyle, the formality, the education of the old world. Trying to combine these 2 passions is sometimes not possible, but I try my best.

I started my career as financial planner because I am good with data, Excel and Macros for Excel. I wrote a book on Macros for Excel at 27 years-old that sold over 30,000 copies and it was published by a major publisher in Brazil.


Before I turned 30 years-old though, I had to jump into entrepreneurship. I opened my first company to do a logistics web platform for Oil and Gas Companies in Brazil. This company won an award on Innovative Technologies and my system was used on some of the biggest Oil and Gas companies in the world.

However, Brazil is hard place for entrepreneurs, I needed more opportunities and guess my calling was somewhere else.


At 34 years-old, I moved to Silicon Valley. I spent 1 year studying web development at University of California. I also took courses in Stanford and Harvard online. I became better at creating websites and apps, I even learned how be to be a hacker, an ethical hacker, of course. But I didn’t know how to market my services. That’s when I started to learn SEO, PPC and Facebook Advertisement.

Online Reputation

After working as a web developer for a few companies, I decided to jump into entrepreneurship again, I guess I always had this calling for entrepreneurship. I opened a SEO company in 2015. And I ended up discovering a similar service – ORM – Online Reputation Management. I helped celebrities, politicians, notorious business men. I also developed websites, simple apps, SEO, PPC and Facebook/Instagram Ads Campaigns, I made tons of Sales Funnels for many companies. I wrote books on Online Reputation Management, SEO and Cyberbullying. I had mentions on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Tech Stars, many Brazilian magazines and newspapers and I also was on TV! It was a lot of  work I tell you. It was 24/7 non stop. And it wasn’t scalable, it wasn’t global.

Then, I stumbled upon Amazon.


Amazon is very interesting for any entrepreneur that is looking for global scalability. I realized my know-how in SEO, ORM, PPC, Ads, Social Media, Branding, Sales Funnels, Logistics, Excel, combined with the GIANT Amazon, meant that I could apply everything I knew into my own brands. And I am not talking about Kindle books, I am talking about private label brands with cool products and gadgets, international logistics, Amazon Advertisement – Really creating brands of real products!

And that’s where I stand today. In one short sentence: I am an Excel geek who loves the European lifestyle and American Entrepreneurship, who became a web developer, who is very good at internet marketing and Amazon Private Label brands. That’s me! In one short sentence.

Thank you for reading my story. What about you? Please send me a message and tell me more about yourself.

What do I do?


If you are looking for someone who is hard working, who is trustworthy and who can help you go global using everything the internet has to offer, send me a message. Maybe, I can help you.


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According to Fernando Azevedo, CEO of social marketing agency Y bus, “Facebook seems all but immune to criticism and downsizing. Advertising agencies and their clients just don’t care that much about number crunching, because no matter how you slice it, Facebook has got the edge on Millennial viewership.”

Steve Olenski - Forbes

Managing an online reputation is by no means an easy job. Fernando Azevedo, CEO of Y Bus, has built his career on finding effective ways for brands to craft a positive online presence. Here are three key pieces of advice he has for businesses looking to get their name out there.

Ayodeji Onibalusi - Entrepreneur.com

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